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Date: May 5th 1944

May 5, 1944

My dear Brother,

Guess its about time I sat down to drop you a line. As you probably know, Mothers day is on the 14th. I thought maybe it would be alright to take a little of your money and to put it with mine and get her some roses or something. Mrs. Hopper got a cable from Norm yesterday and she was scared to open it for fear something had happened to him. Mum and I went down on Saturday and had our pictures taken. So you should get them pretty soon now. We've been having the grandest weather just like the middle of summer. Marg and Howie have taken a car trip up to the Cariboo. He has to go in the airforce next week. Boy is my heart breaking for them (ha ha!) My holidays don't come up till August and am I ever getting impatient. This spring weather sure does something to a person. Say honey boy how did you make out on your leave? Hope you had a good time. Did you see Gene? How is he? We all figure the invasion must have started because no one seems to be getting any overseas mail. I hope they aren't going to hold up all the ingoing mail cause it wont be so hot for you fellows.

(Pardon the two day interruption honey lamb).

We got your letter describing the different things you saw while on leave. You fellows are pretty lucky to get around and see things. I'd give anything to be able to don a pair of trousers and get around some. Say chum of my heart, whats this, didn't you see our Barney? You didn't say a word about him in your letter. Was he out on a boat and not able to navigate (ha ha) If I know Jeanie though he wouldn't get that pickled because he wouldn't want to miss the next drink. I've been getting all kinds of letters from Norm. that is, two every Monday. That's my special day now. I always have something to look forward to. We've all bought our quota of bonds over here. I'm getting quite proud of myself it makes a nice little nest egg. Jack Benny and his troup were out at Boeings for the opening (P.S. he's pretty corny). The gardens all in and starting to come up. You don't have to worry about the lawns honey. Mum and I have cut them about six times already. Everything is kind of at a stand still. We are all waiting for our holidays. Mum and I had our photos taken last week so you shall be getting one pretty soon. Say heres a little joke I heard. What is the definition of a guilty conscience? The part of you that feels bad when the rest of you feels good. Norm tells me he's had a crack at the Nips and is getting pretty fed up with just hanging around says the grub is terrible. Feel sorry for him because he sure loves his stomach. I've actually met an airman kind of a cute kid but darn it he's leaving for the East next week. They are having a big blow up at the Commodore so heres where little Ruth steps out with a bang. Oh well I've got the navy around so can fall back when he leaves. (boy can I blow) terrible isn't it. with love.

Sis xx

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