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Date: May 16th 1944

New Westminster B.C.

May 16, 1944

Dear Son,

Just received a letter from you today so will try & ans. it right away. This girl you met in London dident happen to be Mrs. MacLeod's neice, did it? or dident you have time to look her up? oh well it doesn't matter, as long as you had a good time, maby the next time you have leave you will find time to look her up. By the way have you seen Gene yet? Ruth hears from him quite often, also does Aunt Peg, she gets a great kick out of Genes letters. He was telling Ruth in his last letter that he turned down a commission, I think he is very foolish, don't you? You might just as well take all the promotions that they dish out.

Was talking to Bill Lewarne today he was asking about you, and says to tell you that he is trying to get into the air force but diden't pass the test, but they told him to come back when the school term ends. Out of twelve that tried only three passed, so you see they are making it pretty tough. Saw Bill Myring today he wants to know why you don't answer his letter. Bill is kept pretty busy with his new job.

Ruth has gone to a party tonight, but she wasen't very fussy about going, but that I guess she will have fun after she gets there. Well there isent much news to tell you so will have to close now. With all my love and prayers


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