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Date: April 7th 1940
Mom and Dad



Dear Mom & Dad:

Received your letter of the 24 and two bundles of papers today. Yesterday I got a letter from you dated Mar. 6th. It seems you forgot to put West Nova Scotia in the address. It must have gone to Ottawa and back to the C.B. Highlanders and then back again. I got the paper with the snap in it, and all the boys from C.B. got a letter with a clipping of the snap in it. You were mourning about the parcels not being delivered. Well I received all the parcels you mentioned except the cake and the cigarettes from Bob & Wannie. It don't make much difference what address you use. I received letters with Canada House and even Yuillemont Barracks on them. I prefer Base Post Office though because if we are ever moved from here, they will know where to find us.

I received letters from Wallie Chandler and George Powell and two from Tick and one from Wannie in the last few weeks.

Dont forget to send me the next issue of the Toronto Star. The biggest excitement we have right now is waiting to find out what "Si" looks like in "Little Abner." The paper you sent to-day is the latest we've had so far. When the fellows in the room saw the funnies they mobbed me to get a look at "Si" but so far he didn't show up. We ought to get a look at him when Abner levels off the cabin in the next issue.

The weather is lovely over here now - real summerish. Some of the boys were swimming yesterday. The trees are all out in bud which makes the country very beautiful. Especially the English cherry tree which is in full blossom and a riot of color it is.

Last Saturday J.C. and I received a very pleasant supprise. We were picked with about 30 more out of the regiment to go on a visit to Winsor Castle. It is about 20 miles away so we were taken there by buss. It took us 5 hours to go through the castle. We were met at the North gate by two chaps whos job it was to explain about the castle. And he sure knew his job. He told us and showed where the castle was started by William the Conquerer over 700 years ago and the additions made by succeeding kings and queens up to the present day. We went through St. Georges Chappel and was given a historic talk by the Wean[?] there. I saw George the Fifth's grave or tomb. An odd thing about his tomb was the space on his slab reserved for Queen Mary. She can see it every time she goes to church.

While I was walking among the tombs and interesting places I wished Dad could be here, I told J.C. that Dad would be so interested he would likely camp there a few days.

After we left the castle we were taken through Eton College. We were given a talk there in the original class room. The oldest date there was 1541 carved in one of the desks by one of the kids of that time. The class room was built of the timber taken from the ships which fought in the Spanish Armada. He showed us a desk with holes burnt in it by candles used by the kids who used to study by night long ago. He showed us the original flag of Nelsons ship. It was pretty raggy and thread bare. I entered to go down some week end and look it over again in detail. I wrote my name up on the bell in Bill the Conquers tower. You heard the the same bell toll when King George was buried. That is the only time it rings, when a king dies.

Well I guess I'll have to sign off for now. You don't need to worry about me at all. We figure on being here all summer if not longer. Give my regards to Aunt Clara and family and Wannie & Matt and kids. Will write to them soon. Cheerio and Pip Pip [?] for now

Love to all

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