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Date: December 13th 1939
Mom and Dad

Friday Dec 13 1939

District Rest Camp.

Dear Mom & Dad:

Arrived in Halifax O.K. We are not wearing the kilts anymore we have a warmer rig now. We dont know how long we are to be stationed here. We got our 3rd needle today and are our arms ever sore. it will be alright tomorrow.

All mail is being censored here now civil & army alike.

The next time I write I'll make it longer. its pretty hard to think up anything to say now with settling down in new quarters and getting used to the city. The streets here are all hills and hollows there not as good as Sydneys.

J.C. and I go visiting his relations around the city Grady went visiting some people he knew yesterday.

When you write use the address I gave you in the letter and you better use my number FS4612 so there can be no mistake.

This is all I can think up now Ill write you again soon.


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