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Date: February 12th 1940
Mom and Dad

Feb 12th 1940

Dear Mom & Dad:

Received your letter to-day and was very glad to here from you. The parcel was complete supprise to me. One of the boys from the order-by office told me there was a parcel over there for me. I thought he was kidding as I didn't see any thing about it in your letter. So I told them to go over and get it. And they certainly did. There was a stampede for the office. They bought it back (the fellows in my room) each one fighting to be the one to give it to me, so he would be the one highest in my favor and collect some of whatever the parcel offered. I did the best I could and every body was satisfied.

In the after noon some more parcels came for some of the boys, and the tables were turned. I collected pretty fair of them, so it's as broad as its long. They are a real good bunch are our signals.

I am writing to wannie to-night also. Oh I almost forgot those Sydney Post's were certainly appreciated. All the boys are reading them right now. The boys from the other companys are asking for a lend of them now. There is about 40 Cape Bretners with us in camp. I am glad you sent the flash light, if there is any thing that is needed here in the black out is a flash light.

We were out to the shooting range last week and had a real field day, eating out dinner in the rough and ready style, and did it ever taste good, soup and hot stew went right to the spot. The first day we were only shooting 100 yds. and had to put five bullets in an eight inch group. I made it the second try. The next day we were shooting at 200 yds. and I tried five times and missed every time. The major was standing behind me watching me miss the target. He asked me what was the matter and I told him the rifle was shooting crooked. "Give it to me." he said. "and I'll show you how to hit it. He fired 10 rounds at it and missed most of them. He had to admit the rifle was out a little. I took J.C.'s rifle and made my group the first try.

When you have chance to send along the odd Post Record it feels good to see a little of home. I'll write every chance I get so, so long for now.

Love Boyley


You had better use the first address I gave you in the first letter. Tell Tick and Lonna to write.
I am going to get some snapes for the next letter

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