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Date: February 14th 1941
Wannie and Matt

14 Feb. 41

Dear Wannie & Matt.

I just this minute got your parcel, fact is, I'm still munching on the fig lunch biscuits. They sure are swell and so are you. I'll have to save some for Wannie though. He is just gone away on a truck to get a bath. I am orderly cpl. This week and among other things its my duty to see that every man has at least one bath a week. "Wet nurse" the boys call me. Its been changed since this parcel arrived though. "Glammor pants" is the new one. I received three parcels this last few weeks, one from Lorna, Mom and you, and they all contained toilet articles, fact is, I have a ration bag full of soaps, creams and lotions, hence my new title "Glammor pants."

There is not much news to write about just now. Things are not as liveley as they used to be. Hitler just be sending his bombers to the near east.

We were down to Dover last week on a scheme and as far as I could see, there was little damage done from the big guns across the strait. To hinder shipping must be the main object to them. When he tries to get the shells on Dover, about three quarters of them fall in the chanel.

I received a clipping in one of moms letters this week. It showed some firement in London directing streams of water on burning buildings and was headed "Heros of the Night" or something like that. She said that some people were under the impression that J.C. and I were among them. Unfortunately its not us. Nothing exciting ever happens to us anymore. Two days before XMAS we had a little fun stamping out incendiary bombs but since then everything has been dead.

Well folks I'll have to quit for now. Tell Lorna I'll write Sunday when I write mom. Thanks a million for the lovely parcel. Cheerio and pip pip


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