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Date: February 20th 1942
Wannie and Matt

Feb 20/42

Dear Wannie & Matt.

Received the parcel and letter OK. Thanks a million.

Danny Phil came down today to visit us. He hasn't changed a bit. We are going to bunk together tonite.

I would sure like to see the kids again. I guess Roy and Phil must be getting pretty big by now. Do Betts still go to bed with a piece of supper in her mouth. She used to chew the meat white. I gather from your letter that Karl must be quite a guy. I wouldn't worry too much about him growing up to be a brat. He will probably see the error of his ways like Uncle Karl. Only I hope he doesn't take as long.

I just cant seem to concentrate on anything tonite. I guess its because Danny Phil is here. JC and I were throwing questions at him all afternoon about home. We are now waiting for him to come back from the show so that we can start in again. Poor Dan! He takes it like a prince.

Its time to take tattoo now so will have to quit now.

Write me whenever you get a chance. I like to hear from you. Your letters are a tonic. Say me all the crowd. Lots of love


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