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Date: February 25th 1942
Mom and Dad

Dear Mom & Dad:

I should have written yesterday (Sunday) but couldn't get around to it. Letters and papers from you and Wannie reached me a few days ago. About four bundles of papers came in the last few weeks. I get lots of help with the Post Records, all the Cape Bretoners in the Regt want to read them. JC is away on a 48 hr leave at present. A parcel from Edie and 1000 sigs just came in for him. He will be surprised when he gets back. He claims the strait of Canso is blockaded. When the Cape Bretoners get their mail, then we beat the blockade.

I received the two pair of socks you sent. One pair in your parcel and the other in Wannies. The socks you knit are much better than the army issue. The main thing about them is the fit and yours fit me perfectly.

I wrote Lorna and Wannie last week.

That clipping of the London firemen is not us.

I am still in charge of the signal office, its a good clean job and no hard work.

The weather is very warm and spring-like over here now. We had a couple of snow storms this winter but they didn't last long. I guess this is the first winter in my life that I didn't catch cold. Quite a few of the fellows were in hospital with flu, but I managed to beat the germ, no doubt it was due to my clean living outdoor life. The army did a lot of good to me (I dont want to hear your answer to that one)

Take good care of yourselves and keep your chins up. This is all for now.


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