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Date: July 24th 1940
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:-

I recieved two letters from you and one from Wannie since I wrote you last. I also received the parcel containing sigs. moss, socks and soaps. Do you know since I came to England, I never had to buy any soap. Just when it starts to run out another parcel bounces in to keep my toilet up to full strength.

There are two parcels that I have grave fears for, I can see old Neptune now going into my candy and sigs.

I am glad that you received the parcel I mailed in Aldershot. It wasnt wrapped very good. I had to bum a box and string from the tuppence hapenny and five pence ([?]) store to wrap it up.

I receive the odd bundle of papers every once in awile. They dont even look for my name in the papers now. If there is a sock wrapped around it, it belongs to c/cpl. Butler.

A few more Cape Bretoners blew in here a few days ago among them was Leut.
Mc Adam who use to teach in Sydney (Lorna knows him) and Oscar Burk. Oscar comes around every once in awile looking for Sydney papers. You should here him give his version of an air raid that he claimed to be in on the south coast. He leaves nothing for your imagination but uses plenty of his own.

I expect to be on leave before you get this letter. I have £7 salted down for the occasion, and intend to visit Miss McGee.

I am glad to hear that Aunt Charlotte is praying for me. But I have a little doubt about whether they are going in my direction or not. She always called me Tick and Tick Boyley. But if Tick is still worrying about dying of lead poisoning and this war keeps going the way it is, maybe we shouldn't tell Aunt Charlott the difference.

I may write the next letter on Miss McGee's desk, so until then Cheerio and lots of love


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