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Date: June 8th 1942
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:-

Received a bundle of papers and an air mail letter on the 6th. The letter was written on the 24th of Mr Gibbons. I havent as yet received the parcel with the cake and candy in it. All other parcels up to date have arrived with the exception of the one from Lorna which went astray a long time ago.

I saw Dan this morning he told me that he received a letter from his father and according to him the old man must be quite a lad for rounding up the dirt. He wrote gossip from all over the avenue and also gave Dan the low down on the "Riley-Ritchie" affair.

J.C. is away on seven days leave just now. He is to go before the selcation[?] board on his bid for a commission on his return. If he should make it OK, a two month course in Canada will follow.

It is crawling up toward supper time now so will quit for now.

Lots of love to all


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