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Date: June 13th 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

I am back to the Regiment now after having spent three weeks on the PT course. There was considerable mail piled up during my absents. The parcel containing socks, potted meat, biscuits, candy etc. arrived OK. It looks like Lornas parcel went the way of the Bismarck. Its too bad, I bet it was a honey. Ive goot a feeling that there are some sigs of mine floating around in the Atlantic also. Quite awhile back you mentioned sending some sigs but the last I received was before XMAS. You will be able to figure out how many are lost by that. Besides the parcel I received four bundles of papers and five letters, one of them was from Red Oklay. It was censored in Halifax. I havent received a censored letter from you since Ive been over here. Only letters from U.S.A. amd the navy are being censored as far as I can see.

I havent got around to taking my leave yet. The Brigade sports meet is holding me back. After having trained for two months to reach this standard of fitness, I'll not let a seven day leave interfear with my performance on the big day. I will be free to take leave on the 28th though. JC is having his on the 18th. I dont know when Dan is taking his. Dan seems to be having a good time locally. Last night he motored up to London to see a boxing match. He gets around pretty well. No one can seem to get a very accurate line on him. He manages to cover his trail pretty well. I dont think he is saving for leave in any case. He may have an ace up his sleave though. He got a parcel a few day ago. It was from his sister Mary Renni. It was the one you were speaking about in your letter.

Ill have to quit for now as I have a few odd jobs to do, will write next week.

Lots of love to all

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