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Date: June 26th 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:-

Yesterday I received two parcels and three letters from home. The letters were from you, Wannie and Dixie (of the Bar Mill). One parcel contained 2 in 1 cold cream, cheese biscuits etc. and the other was the fish. They both arrived in good condition and is that fish ever good. I am having a hard time keeping them hidden. The smell gives them away. The whole platoon is going to write home for some. If the Nova Scotia mothers find out you started this you'll probably be mobbed.

Last week we held the Brigade sport meet and of course we won. Our team came through with 24 ponts to Royal 22nds 42 and Carltons and Yorks 18. We are now training in a Brigade team to enter in Divisional sports. After we won the Brigade meet the Colonel gave us a party and a 48 hour leave. He was sure surprised and pleased when we won. Right now we are the king pins in the Regt. we are excused from all duties and are left behind when the Regt. goes on a scheme.

Harry Walsh is getting married next month. He got permission from the colonel today. Ill send a photo of the wedding to the Post Record.

Dan is still going strong. Contrary to the rumors circulating around Sydney, he is still free, white and 30 odd. Its not for the want of lady friends though. He calls every body in the village by their first names. He got a parcel from his mother yesterday.

Things are looking better since Russia came into it. It looks like the huns cant afford to send bombers over here now. There is a chance that we may come through without seeing action at all. This is all for now Thanks for the parcils. Love to all


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