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Date: June 28th 1940
Mom and Dad

June 28/40

Dear Mom & Dad:

Yesterday I received two letters from you and one from Wannie. They have been the first in three weeks. It has been quite some time since I wrote to you. Even before the letters were being censored I found it hard enough to make a newsy letter. But now, I am afraid it is just out of the question. I expect you were at your wits end trying to figure out my last letter. The censoring officer requested that I should re-write it, but seeing such a swell carving job, I though I'd let it go, so that you could see a really censored letter.

J.C. and Dan are still with me. We had quite a laugh about Ticks new car another Quebec spur. Dan figures on getting one as soon as he gets home.

We get the Canadian news on the radio every day, and an occasional Happy Gang program also.

I was promoted to Lance Corporal today. This will give me a little more authority, responsibility and pay. Its not very much, but a start in the right direction nevertheless.

The last parcel received was from Mr. Sherman, about a month ago. I am watching for the two you mentioned. It would save you a lot of trouble if you just sent the buck to the sweet Can. Coy. They seem to get through every time. Tell Wannie that I could use that cake though. I have Lornas kilt so keep on the look out for it. This is all for now. Don't worry Love to all,


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