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Date: March 6th 1941
Mom and Dad

Mar 6/41

Dear Mom & Dad:

Received your letter written Jan 28 today. Up until now I have been receiving word that you havent been getting any letters from me, and it kept me in a pretty blue mood. I couldnt stand you worrying and imagining me in all kinds of difficulties while in reality I am quite comfortable and having a generaly good time. Todays letter from you bought me back to normal again.

I received the parcils with the sewing kit from you, the club kit from Winnie and the military kit from Lorna. All three reached me in good condition. Tell Lorna I slept on the wedding cake but no dream, I never dream at all now, this rugged life is sure whiping me into good shape sho nuff.

We are started training for the track meet again. Every day I am running and jumping for a couple of hours. Maybe I'll draw some more medals out of the fun. Even if I dont its still good fun.

I dont remember seeing that Crofton fellow before. He must have been with the engineers. I understand there are a bunch of them down at Gibraltar. Mayor Stevenson is with them also.

The next mood for writing that strikes me, Jose will get a letter and a photo. Ive got one saved for her. And Ill not forget to hand you all a good like if and when I get a chance to broadcast. I'm glad you think England will win. I feel the same way too.

This is all for now

Love Boyley

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