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Date: March 11th 1940
Mom and Dad

Mar 11/40

Dear Mom & Dad:

Received your letter a few days ago and your parcel today. I was sure glad to get the shaving soap and tooth paste. I just finished that last I had shaving this morning. Of course the moss from Tick and the spuds from George were a real luxury, tell George I appreciate it very much. I suppose he dont get the sale fro the spuds as he used to when I was home. He used to keep them stocked up for me personally.

I received in the last few days letters form Tick, Wannie, Mary Riley and two from you, oh yes I got one from Toni's daughter. She had the letter addressed to the Cape Breton Highlanders, "Ivy West N.S." was written on the envelope. She wanted me to come up when I get leave. I answered her and assured her that I would if circumstances permited. We expect a leave this month.

We are having real good weather here now. The sun is shining every day for the last two weeks, incidentally we are on daylight saving time now, the evenings are nice and long.

Bert Bertrand and I were out for a walk in the woods today, and was the scenery ever beautiful. We went out right after dinner and returned in time fro supper. We have Saturday noon to Monday morning to ourselves with the exception of Sunday morning church parade. This is a bad time to start writing a letter here. J.C. and the boys are playing the guitar and singing at the top of their voices. They all received mail and parcels today also. It took two big lorries to bring up the mail and parcels.

One of the boys from across the way hearing the racket going on here just came in and bought his fiddle with him. They are after me to tune the guitar. So I have to quit for the time being.


We were out to the shooting range all day. And it sure was a fine day. Every break we would get, we would lay down on the grass and go to sleep. The days here, are like July in Canada. There is no wet spring like there is home. Yesterday we were tempted to take a dip in the lake. We can't believe it is March.

J.C. and I generally go down to the Y.M.C.A. to write letters. The first time this week we tried it, we just got started when the Canadian Artillary cam in with a bunch of entertainers and struck up the band. They put on a real good program too. During the program, a news reel man came in and took some shots of the gang. J.C. and I are in the picture, but I dont think you can find me, as we are too far back. We were standing up on a bench the first shot and sitting down in the second. The fellow said they would be shown across Canada. The Monday night broadcasts you mentioned take place down in Aldershot once in awile. You can tell Daney[?] that I wont forget to call his name if I get the opportunity to speak. I would try to work in all the names I can think of.

You asked me if am coming along in my signaling. I think I have the best job in the signals, "Stone Man", the stone man stays with his stones at all times. When we get on the move the stones go in the transport and I go with them all the signalers come behind on foot. So I get clear of marching and am under cover during action. The only possible way they can get me is a direct hit with a shell and then they get the commanding officers as I am as far back as they are. So I dont worry a bit.

Today the sarge asked for those who wanted to be dispach riders. Although the motor cycle driving appealed to me I turned it down in favor of stone man.

Last week our O.M. told us to bring over any clothes that was worn out to him and receive new clothes in its place. So we are clothed O.K. The knitted socks you sent me are alright. I had four or five bids for them as soon as I opened the parcel. But no sale! They are more comfortable on the feet than the issued socks.

Well I'll have to quit now I guess. Take care of yourselves and don't do any unnecessary worrying about me. I'll take care of myself. "I'll keep my head down," as Grady says. Say me to Aunt Clara and family. Love to all.


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