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Date: March 28th 1941
Mom and Dad

28 Mar 41

Dear Mom & Dad:

I dont know just where I am in regard to my letter writing scedual. It must have gotten out of control some way or another. In any case Ill write one now and another one Sunday which is the day after to-morrow. That should square things up a little.

This week I received a parcel, a registered letter and two bundles of papers. Which is not bad going at all. The parcel contained among other things, socks and kipper snacks. You will recognize which one it is by that. The letter contained the ten bob note which fit in very nicely. Especially in these days where we are saving for leave. We have to watch every penny very carefully in order to have an adaquate amount to go on leave with.

Spring is definately here to stay. The weather is very warm and mostly fine. I havent learned to forecast this English weather yet. On what appears to be a perfectly fine day we are likely to draw a few showers at the least expected moments. I dont think the English themselves can forecast it. They just carry the umbrella at all times and let it go at that.

There is not much news to write about. Things are unusually quiet in this area now and have been for some time. We havent seen a dog fight since last fall. I was in town last week to see the Great Dictator it was a good show. It ran a couple of months in London.

Its getting late now so Ill have to quit and get ready for inspection in the morning. Keep your chin up and dont worry about me. Thanks a million for the parcel and "half quid".

Lots of love

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