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Date: April 29th 1917

Sun. Apr. 29 -

Had to get up early in morning. Still a ringing in my head but felt much better. Was dizzy at first - I believe was slightly gassed and sick to stomach but better as soon as I got out in open air. Some of us here to be around the gun all the time ready for an S.O.S. call. When not firing, we have lots to do digging gun in deeper and building a cover for it besides making ammunition pits and improving dugout. Fritz is never idle but keeps sending over an occasionally heavy 5.9 or a whizz bang which you can hear coming and which scatters dirt and metal for quite a distance. He sends over very little shrapnel which is well as it is bad - bursting in air - you never hear it at all and first thing you know, a ragged piece of metal will drop with a thud on ground beside you. Our gun crew were on guard this night - had to watch for S.O.S. signals in infantry trenches ahead and for hostile aircraft in daytime. We were firing most of night from midnight.