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Date: May 7th 1942
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

The check for £4-9/6 reached me OK. It was a complete surprise and a very pleasent one at that. I am saving it for leave on the last of June.

I attend school every Sunday to study mechanical drawing. The teachers are very good and know their stuff.

If I am fortunate enough to come through this war I will be well prepared for the reconstruction.

J.C. wrote an examination for O.C.T.U. a few weeks ago. He dont expect to pass. The educational requirements on this side are very steep compared with over there. After he finished with the course I bought it from him for a quid. It consists of Mathematics, English grammer, History, Geography, General knowledge and Science. A lot to digest after all these years but there is nothing like trying.

Thanks a million for the check.

Lots of love to all