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Date: May 12th 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

I received the check for two pounds four and six on the 7th. It was a great surprise. It will help me out immensely in that I'll not have to draw any money this month and so will add to my leave money.

I havent as yet set any definate date for leave. The way things are now, I cant possibly go until after the first week in June. Our Signal Officer who is away on a course, returns about that time and liberates the NCOs. I am not in any great rush to get away though. My time is very full and interesting just now. To-day I gave demonstration and lecture on the wireless set. Tomorrow we go on a scheme, and every evening I practice for the track sports. Everyday there is something interesting to do, and I dont want to miss a thing if I can help it.

The summer is realy here to stay. Everything is in full bloom. And that includes my back. I must have given myself a little too much exposure today its not bad though.

There was a show at they Y to-night. Karloff in "A man changes his mind." I seen it up at Stars a few months before I left. I think Dad saw it with me. That is about four or five of those Y pictures that I have already seen some time or other. They sure get around.

I droped a line to Wannie last week. It was addressed to 626. I wrote it out on the lawn and not being sure of her number, was too lazy to go into the house for it. The sun does tricks to you on Sunday afternoon.

I'll cut this short for now.
Thanks a million for the present.

lots of love to all

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