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Date: May 19th 1940
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad

I received two letters from you since I wrote you last. In the last letter that I received you said that you were mailing a parcel at the same time. The parcel didn't show up yet. Nobody in the Regiment received any mail or parcels this last few weeks although most everybody is expecting them like myself. The only parcel I havent received yet is the one containing the shaving cream, that is, the one you mentioned in your last letter. Ive received every one previous to this. The reason things are held up for now is that the people sending parcels are enquiring weather they got across or not. There is so much of it to handle. The Canadian mail for the forces is measured in tons. I expect the parcel Monday. It is rumored that the mail for us is at Brigade.

This is Sunday P.M. and a very fine day, every day is warm and fine over here, we very seldom have a dark or rainy day. We go swimming every day. Yesterday J.C. Dan and I went to a town not far from here and found a real high class swimming pool, the "Blue Pool" it was called, everything was tented blue and white, it was a very pretty spot and very few of the forces know of it. The civilians have to pay 2 shillings to get in but we can make it for six pence, being attached to His Majestys Forces as you know doubt know. J.C and I have a budget made so that we can swim from one pay day to another. Six pence to get in, shilling and six for supper which is served in the resturant at the pool and six pence for ice cream and candy, which comes to half a crown, and with sixteen crown a month or thrity two half crowns, we can swim and eat for thirty two days a month which is not bad at all. Of course we cant make that all the time. We send our laundry out to the cleaners every week and soap, razor blades, shoe polish and hair cuts have to be bought as well as collection for a batter for our radio. As I write I think of more things to spend money on such as the tuppence hapenny shows they put on in camp for us and the little old chocolate and ice cream man that follows us around the square tempting us with his wares. It is begining to look as if we cant swim for 32 days a month or even 31. When J.C. comes home from the show I'll have to point out thoes necessities to him with the result that we will write a new budget.

Our leaves are cancelled for the time owing. I guess to the ruckus over in Belgium. They start again Monday though. Hitler is sure putting a drive on now, isn't he. The English people don't seem to worry much. They say England loses every battle but the last. It will have to be pretty desperate before they will want us over there.

We held that sport meet I was telling you about in the last letter. There were three Regiments competing. The W.N.S.R. won the points now we have to compete with the winners of the other brigades for the championship of the first Division. I think the 24th of May is the big day. In the meet last week we broke the army record for the mile relay. There were four of us in it. One of the boys took some snaps of us. Will send them along when I get them.

Will close for this time, could write more but the pencil hurts my thumb.

Love to all

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