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Date: May 29th 1941
Mom and Dad

29 May 41

Dear Mom & Dad:

It has been some time since Ive written home. Something like two weeks I think. It is not really my fault though, you remember the P.T. course I was telling you about. Well it finally materialized. In two more days I will have finished two weeks of it with one more week to go. I am applying for a weekend pass this week to return to the Regt. for my laundry etc. I will mail this letter while I am there and collect whatever mail that accumulated during my absence.

I havent any news this time. This course is taking up all my time. I intend to get all I can out of it while it lasts. I wont be able to write again until a week from Sunday. I'll be back to the Regt. then. So dont worry! This is all for now. Lots of love to all


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