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Date: May 31st 1940
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

I received the birthday card and the five spot and what a surprise it was. I never had a hint of any kind as what to expect. It cam a few minutes before we left for Salesbury Plains. The fiver bought one pound two and eight. While I was at Salesbury I received a parcel from Mr. Sherman. I intend to write to him as soon as possible. We were called back from Salesbury before we finished our scheme. We were supposed to be there for 7 days but only stayed 2. We have just turned in our blankets and bed and are leaving this place for parts unknown. We know for sure that it wont be outside of England. As soon as I get there I will drop you a line and will write to Mr. Sherman also. Our hut is all cleaned out so that J.C. and I are out in a farmers garden writing.

The place we are moving to now is a secret. Our letters will be censored and there will be no post mark on them so that nobody will know exactly where we are. I can tell you now that it will be on the South east coast of England somewhere.

Yesterday I sent a little parcel with some souvenirs in it, hope you get it alright.

The sun is getting powerful hot and I have a lot of signal stones to load so I'll leave you for this time. Thank you all again for the present.

Love to all

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Original Scans