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Mom and Dad

Dear Mom & Dad:-

Received three letters from you in the last three days. They were all written from the Hospital.

I am certainly glad to hear that you came through the operation so well, and hope that you continue to improve.

I see Danny Grady quite often now. He hasn't changed a bit since the first time I met him. He still talks with his hands and will argue on any subject under the sun. He is quite an expert on the subject of when and how the war is going to end.

Dad may be interested to know that Stanley Markotish's son is with us now. It dont seem very long before I left home, that he came over from the old country. He is a very intelligent lad and reads quite a bit.

About two weeks ago, I received another stripe. You can now illiminate the oblique stroke which haunted me for three years.

It is bed time now so will have to close.

Lots of love to all

Original Scans

Original Scans