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Mom and Dad

Dear Mom & Dad:

Received a letter from you today and one from Wannie a few days ago. Wannies letter contained snaps of the kids. They certainly are growing up. I wasn't sure of the snap of the [?] until I looked on the back. Wannie looks pretty swell too.

I've been keeping myself pretty busy this week in getting my troop in shape. It was in bad shape when I arrived but I have it looking good now. I felt right at home scrubbing the walls and applying the [?]. You see I've had considerable practice in my civilian life.

Bill Target was down to visit me a few weeks ago. Except that he looks a lot healthier, he hasn't changed a bit.

I havent seen Danny Phil for some time. Maybe I will run into him on my next leave which is due on the 15th of next month.

Apparently JC failed in his examination for O.C.T.U at least he received no work of his having passed.

Another of our fellows, a Campbell from Glace Bay, is taking it now, and has passed all tests up to present. He already got his orders to look you up should he be fortunate enough to make it. He is a good sort and I know he wont fail.

This is all for now Will write again soon.
Lots of love to all


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