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Mrs. Butler
J.K. Ruffhead

Ruffhead. J.K.
No. W. 25284
Southern Command.
B. Com. South Wing
Equitation School

Dear Mrs Butler,

I hope you wont mind me writing, but it is about you son Karl he is quite safe & staying nere my Home which is Northampton, he comes to my House quite a bit when-ever I can get leave, I am in the A.T.S. doing my bit for the country so I hope you will understand. I met Karl quite my accident when he was looking for a tea room, so I took him to one, & he asked me to have tea with him.

Now you must excuse my short note as I have to return to my Duties. Hoping you are quite well.

Yours Sincerely
J.K. Ruffhead.

P.S. You need not worry about Karl while he is with my family, hoping you will write me.

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Original Scans