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Date: November 19th 1940
Mom and Dad

Nov. 19/40

Dear Mom & Dad:-

By rights I should be writing you from Catterick now. It seems there was some kind of a slip up in the orderly room on the 15th which resulted in my having to wait for seven weeks until this course is finished and another starts. This break will give me a chance to prepare for it. J.C. is back and is giving me all the dope on it.

I was up to Scotland on my leave and had a lovely time. That place is not bothered much with air raids. You may depend that I passed through London in the day time. It would be like commiting suicide to spend a night there. I don't believe in sticking my neck out unless its necessary.

So tick is a lance jack, congratulations. You have a family of NCOs. Tell him to keep up the good work. I was on a fifteen mile route march to-day, the first for a long while and feel right in shape. I bet I couldn't do that a year ago today.

I sent you a parcel yesterday. hope you get it alright. Be careful taking the things out, there are names marked on them. There is something for Betty there, "Come on Mc Duff."

Will write you again soon.

Love Boyley

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