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Date: October 9th 1940
Mom and Dad

Oct. 9/40

Dear Mom & Dad:-

I received your letter written Sept 8th a few days ago. You told me then that four weeks had elapsed since you heard from me. Something must have happened to my letters for I always write at least three letters a month. Lack of something to write about keeps me from writing oftener.

We are having our second leave now. I'm not going until the fifteenth of next month. The sarge was just trying to get me to go next week. He has a hard time to get anybody to go right now. They all want to save a big rool before they go. I expect to have about twelve pounds the fifteenth of next month. Dan and I are going together this time. I wrote a letter some time ago describing my last leave, apparently you didnt receive it before writing the last received. You probablly have it since. If you haven't let me know and I'll write about it again.

Sunday nite Dan & I were invited out to tea. We had a very enjoyable time. The people were well to do. Then had a very elaborate estate, sevents to burn. After tea they took us in the drawing room and suggested that we show them some Canadian games. Dan got the cards and started teaching them show down poker. We came home that nite a half crown richer. They were real good sports. He is an air raid warden and she is an A.R.P worker. They have two refugees from London at the house and they knit socks, they are real old.

Every body in england is doing something for the war4. They are going to be a hard crowd to lick.

Right now I am sitting in a wicker chair writing on a real desk. The book shelf around me is loaded with books. The house is surrounded by a beautiful lawn with hedges going every which way. Down stairs is my signal office and also three rooms all furnished by the neighbours for the troops. One room is full of games, another with music and still another with reading and writing material. I sleep in this building with a few more signalers. Yesterday Rej Lawrence the sergeant major we had in Sydney was up here. He asked me how in the world we could explain this when we write home. He lives in a military camp about 40 miles from here and is not used to many luxuries. It is dinner time now so sill close for this time. I can hear some women down stairs setting the rooms in order. This is all for now cheerio & Pip Pip

Love Boyley

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