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Date: October 10th 1940
Mom and Dad

Oct 10/40

Dear Mom & Dad:

I have nothing to do just now so Ill drop you a little line. I wrote you a letter yesterday and to make sure that you will hear from me I'll write one today you should receive one of them.

I am expecting to see the cigarettes along soon. I am completely out, but bumming is good for a while yet.

The Y.M.C.A. puts on a free show every night for us. Last night they had a bunch of actors from London come down. On the way down they got caught in an air raid and kept us waiting 2 hrs. It was worth it though, they put on a good show. Most of the jokes were about the air raid. Old Hit will have an awful hard job to start a panic in Eng. The people just take the raids as a matter of course. The saying "familiarity breeds contempt" is true.

The weather is damp and cloudy this month. The leaves are turning yellow and falling although there is not a sign of cold weather. The fall over here dont smell half as good as ours.

The women working on this play house added a radio and ping pong table today. The table is right across the hall from my bedroom so that I can entertain myself right up until bed time. Some fun isnt.

I got a bran new over coat this week, she is an English model and pretty splashey too. Orders just came through for us to have two suits of clothes, so that we should cut a fine figure with one suit, always pressed. You know, since I've become an N.C.O. I am very fussy about my appearance. I know you will find it hard to believe knowing me like you do, but nevertheless its true - Behaviour becoming an N.C.O. - or something like that is the reason. I havent got room for another page in the envelope so Ill quit.

Cheerio and pip pip.

Love Boyley

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