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Date: October 23rd 1941
Mom and Dad

23 Oct 41

Dear Mom & Dad:-

Since writing last, I received three parcels and four or five bundles of papers.

I received a picture of little Karl from Wannie. He sure is a cute little shaver. Ill try to make him proud to wear my monnicker. Phillie wrote to me in one of Wannie's letter. She improved quite a bit since Ive left. I still have all her letters.

The last time I was in Aldershot I met Johnie McKinnon, Perley Cammeron, Frank McKillop whos brother is married to one of the Fishers, and Capt Davis. We all had sort of a reunion. Dan had them scared to death with his version of "the battle of Brittan" last fall. Dan is quite a card. He is working in the cook-house this week. The first day he was serving tea, the next he was handing out bread, he said tomorrow he will be promoted to the gravey pan. He transfered to the carrier platoon a few months ago. Yesterday the Sargent there asked JC if he wanted him back, he said that Dan was a "problem child" nobody wanted him in their carrier. He seems to be doing alright for himself though.

Well it looks like Uncle Joe has his back to the wall. I think he will come through alright if Japan dont stick a knife in it.

It is begining to feel a little fallish over here now. I spend a lot of time in the woods picking chess-nuts. We shell them and fry them in margarine. They sure are tastey.

This is all for this time. Thank you all for the parcils.

Love to all

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