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Date: October 27th 1940
Mom and Dad

Oct 27/40

Dear Mom & Dad:

I received a letter from Wannie and also the clipping of Lornas and Bobs wedding yesterday. They looked pretty sporty. Bob looked a bit scared, I dont blame him. Especially when Lorna gets "that way." Tell Lorna its all in fun and give them my good luck.

I am going on leave this coming Wednesday. Any time after that you can expect a parcel from Bonnie Scotland. Tell Dad I am trying hard to get him some parts of German planes or bombs but the going is hard now. I've moved since writing you last and this place is very quiet. I've never seen a plane of any description since moving here. Knock on wood of course.

These last few days I've been enlarging a map and I like the job very much. By the way, I've dug in to my algebra again with new vigor. I am determined to make something out off myself before this war is over.

So Tick is doing his thirty days eh. Good Boy, I'll bet he comes home a sergeant major. Thoes fellows will never be sent across here. The island is lousy with troops.

Wannie told me that you were going to have another operation. I know that you will come through alright. I've been looking over the past a little and come to the conclusion that this family is made out of some pretty good stuff. I can feel it in my bones. WE are a hard crowd to keep down. So keep your chin up and don't give in. We'll win yet. but just in case you get a little tired, I said a few prayers in church this morning, and I feel pretty sure of getting results.

Yesterday I was handed a note from Tony Cipah. I am enclosing it. It was addressed to an English paper for publication. I guess he is a bit lonely. Will write to him to-morrow.

Tell Wannie to dig right in and make that cake and also to keep on writing to me. Dont forget to battle your way through that war in the hospital. Keep your head down and your chin up as the English say. This is all for this time. I may drop you a line from Scotland, in any case dont worry.

Cheerio and pip pip

Love Boyley

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