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Date: October 29th 1940
Mom and Dad

Oct 29/40

Dear Mom & Dad:

I didn't intend to write today but I feel so happy over an announcement that came through yesterday. I just had to let you in on it.

I am leaving on the 15th of next month for one of the best military schools in England. I'm to take a seven weeks course on signal instructing. It will be some time in Jan. before I will return with the Regiment. The school closes at X..M.A.S. for five days, so I'll have an extra leave.

J.C. is there now. He will be back before I go. I got a letter from him a few weeks ago and he said the going is pretty tough up there. Most of the classes are Limies. He said that on one occasion he had to give a ten minute lecture on some subject, and the officers would spend fifteen minutes criticizing the lecture. However, that stuff don't worry me. I'll realize that I'm on my own, and its now or never so I'll put everything I've got into it.

Tomorrow I go on leave I sent my uniform to the cleaners this morning to put in shape. I bumed a shirt and tie from our officer. So I expect to look pretty splashy.

Are any of the Rileys called up for training yet.

I wrote you a couple of days ago, you may get this letter at the same time. Let me know how you get along with the operation. Take care of your self. Tell Dad I'm still looking for crack ups for him. This is all for now.

Love Boyley

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