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Date: April 22nd 1917
Uncle Alden
Norman H. Jones

Kippen, Ont.,Apr., 22nd 1917.

J.A. Jones.
439 Maitland, St.,
London, Ont,

Dear Uncle Alden:

We are all well and getting along fine. Florence is pretty busy these times looking after the boys, Norman Wesley, and Wilmer Henry. The two names with the lines under are what we call them.

The weather has been very backward this spring no seeding done as yet although there are a few ploughing.

The syrup season hung on a long while very nearly a month. although it had been very poor until the last week which was better than all the rest put to gether.

I can't just say how many gallon we have made as father has done all the delivering this year. He has it all marked down but there is some whare over the hundred gallon.

Herb. kept twelve gallon for their own use, and we kept twelve, and I think father has some whare near ten, besides all we have used since we started to make and that is easy five gallon.

We had quite a time to get cans this year. I expected to have the syrup shipped before but have it all ready to go to-morrow. Two crates one with 12 cans the other with 8 cans. In the large crate there are two cans I tied a string on the handle. You keep those for yourself. All the difference is that those ten cans in the big crate of one kind are one boiling and the remaining ten cans are of the next boiling the first being a little lighter in color.

The cans have gone up in price, I paid 15 cts for ten and the other ten I paid 20 cts. We would just as soon people take the cans or else if they are shipped back, to ship them as soon as they are emptied as all those cans you sent back before with the exception of two are of no use again. You see people put water in them after they take the syrup out and don't get them dried out good and they rust.

Don't send any pay back for the syrup you keep for yourself. Don't forget.

When sending back pay send it tome as I have charge of the syrup this year. Hoping everything will be all right, as I tried to make the crates good and strong.

We could have sold Thirty Five more gallons right around hear if we had it. There seems to be an awful demand for it as sugar has gone up so high.

Hoping everything will be all right I will enclose shipping bill.

From your nephew
Norman.H. Jones.