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Date: April 22nd 1917

Sunday April 22/17

Mrs. N. Coultis
R.R. No 3 Exeter
Ont Canada

Dear Sister:- Just a few lines to let you know I have not forgotten you all. I hope this finds you all enjoying good health. I am feeling great, yesterday and to-day has improved my opinion of France for it sure has been sunny. The ground is getting hard and dry, dust flying on the roads where so much traffic passes over them. I got most of the boxes that you people sent I think. No less than six inside of 3 days pretty fair. Thank Fred (Alfred Johns) for the parcel that he sent me

We are out in billetts at present for a rest but will soon be back at it again. I hope I have as good a luck in the future as in the past. for I sure have been lucky. Things are sure on the move since the weather improved. Nothing but the roar of cannon all day long There is one big beggar not far from our hut (which holds over 200 men) when it is discharged it shakes the hut like a door slamed in a house shakes the windows. It sure has an awfull kick. Since last night it has been like a thunder storm in the distence. If it were not for the noise of guns, areoplanes, and big balloons up observing and also a few prisoners. one would not think a war was on. As all the fellows were either playing foot-ball, base-ball, reading, writing. etc. It looked more like a big fair or picnic. I am afraid all this will change all too soon. for we will soon have our faces turned Eastward again.

One old gun nearly a mile away shook this old hut most uncanny just now. I got a letter from Lewis Woods to day it has been on the way nearly 2 months. I had just wrote Mr Woods thanking them for their box. last night. I suppose Margaret is a big girl by now almost a year old. I ment to have sent her a little present but this place we are in has been mauled so badly that the civilians have all beat it long ago so there is nothing that I can buy to send. Well Bye Bye. From your loving brother Earl

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