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Date: August 9th 1917

Somewhere in France
Thursday Aug. 9/17

Mrs. H. Johns

Dear Mother :- Well Mother another week has passed and I am writing again I received the money. both times alright It came in handy, also Addie's letter tell her that that is the kind I like to get. Its a fine day to-day for a wonder. We had a heavy storm last night it rained very hard for a while. I have been to the ranges this forenoon and for several days back it rather fun if the rifle did not kick so hard. I fired about 45 rounds this forenoon and believe me I know it too. I have just finished cleaning some more ammunition for to-morrow. The harvest over here is ready to take off the farmers have a few binders around here All that I have see were Massey-Harris just like ours. The grain crop is very good and also roots and potatoes. There is one thing that is different here, that is there is no potato-bugs I have watched all summer and have not seen one. I am going to send you something if I can just so you can say its from France. I bought some plums to day I think I got 12 for 16 cents and tomatoes 54 each

All the boys are well as far as I know saw Jackson about 10 minutes ago, his eyes are just fine since he got glasses he can see almost as good as ever. I suppose it will be hard to keep the roads in repair this year as the cars are so hard on them the north road especially won't Ed be prowd of his (beauty) I just had a bath and a change of cloths and it was not too soon either let me tell you Well I hope things are going on good over there it will soon be a year since I last saw you people but thats not much to what some have to put up with is it? Well I must close now

Bye Bye From Earl.

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