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Date: August 9th 1917

Somewhere in Franc
Thursday Aug 9/17

Mrs N. Coultis
R. R. No 3 Exeter
Ont. Can

Dear Sister :- Received your welcome letter written July 19th and was glad to hear from you thanks for 5 franc note. Thats the kind of letter I like to get especially when we are out of the line. I suppose the men are head over heels in the work. I can imagan how busy they are. We are having a pretty fair time just now. work in forenoon and the rest of the day off picture show or concert every night in YMCA which is near by. Have been at ranges almost every day this week shooting. This morning as we were going the weather suddenly cleared Gee! but it looked pretty We could see for 6 or 7 miles at least! We were up on a high ridge. Just below and toward the battle front were coal mines working away just as if there was no war on while big shells were bursting less than a mile away from them Fritz was searching for our batteries away back we could also see our shells bursting away in the distance . It just looked like a painted picture. I'll bet we could see at least a dozen different towns lying right before us it sure is too bad to batter such lovly towns to dust.

But I suppose it must be done all the same When is Nelson getting his car and also which kind is it to be. Of course he will get one for (everybody's doing it now.) I suppose it will be like your cousin's I got a letter from Mr Barnard a few days back he wanted me to tell you when I got it so he could find out how I was. tell Wellington Skinner to get busy and write for if he don't I'll think he is up to some mischief Well I must close as supper is ready now. Hope this finds you well as it leaves me the same.

Your loving brother

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