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Date: August 20th 1916

Camp Borden Aug 20th

Mrs. Henry Johns


Dear Mother :- Well Mother we arrived here safe and sound last night at half past ten. We were ready for sleep I can tell you. We stayed in London untill 12.30. We went by Hamilton and Toronto we stayed in Toronto an hour and half. I walked around for a while but did not leave the Station very far you bet. You could esly get lost there. The dust is worse than ever I think but they are getting a few cement roads around so you can get around a little better. They are building a road close by our tents to-day It seems funny to see them working on Sunday. The picture show is going also. We heard a good sermon this morning but it was too hot to stay out long. As we were going Into Toronto we past the Flying School. I saw 4 airships flying they were going some I can tell you some were up so high that they looked like halks .

I did not eat all your lunch but It came In handy this morning all I got for breakfast was two slices of bread and butter and a spoon full of potatoes. They were new ones. It was a pretty wet train load that come from Toronto up it was hardly safe to try and sleep I was on the watch for a crack any time. Percy Clarke was in the same coach he can take his share with any one one fellow put his fist through two windows he said he saw some one looking at him so he tried to hit him. Percy grabbed a cigar from another fellow who chased him into the back house Percy leaned against the door and held it shut so the other on pushed that hard the he smashed the hangings off. he got half of his cigar back I suppose by the time you get this letter that the threshing outfit will be going full swing again. I got my writing paper cheap. some body has been in our tent while we were away and he left a lot of it in there Well Good by for this time. Write Soon


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