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Date: August 25th 1917

Somewhere in France
Sat Aug 25th/17.

Mrs H. Johns

Dear Mother:- Just a few lines to let you know I am well and enjoying myself to a certain extent. our rest is a thing of the past worse luck it soon passed away. The weather is great. just what is wanted now. Received a box on 21st everything in good shape. Things are rather hot at present time. Saw the boys to-day. they are all well. I had a letter from Mrs W. Skinner at same time as your box. Mail is quite scarce latly but will no doubt come soon. Wilfred (Johns)wrote me not long ago. telling about things around home. He was telling what a lot of time he had sacrificed getting up that play. I would like him to reckon up how much we spent up nights since last Christmas. I think it would look like his 104 to our $1.00 what do you think? and then again he had a car to take him back and fore while we used shanks ponies

Am taking a few lessons of map and Compass reading with Battn Scouts so am not with A. Co, now. mail can be sent same as usual I will get it the same. The work is quite interesting

I had a good wash and shave this morning it was quite a job as several big 5.9 shells were floating around near by One had to look after two jobs at once. but never the less I made a fair job. We are living in a nice deep cellar with one small entrance which serves as a door and window. I am mess orderly to day that is carry tea from cook house and get more water for next meal One more of our boys was killed night before last from concussion his name was McKinney No doubt the casualty list will be large at present time as the fighting has been rather stiff I guess I must close now hoping these few lines find you all well

I remain your loving Son Earl.

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