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Date: December 9th 1916

France. Sat Dec 9/16.

Mrs Henry Johns
Elimville Ont. Canada

Dear Mother:- I am writing again this week to let you know we are still at the place where we stopped when we landed We do not know when we go it may be soon and it may not it just depends how badly our Batt needs men if they are not very busy why we may stay some time here one never knows. I am well except for a slight cold which everybody has. We had a holiday last Wed. as it is our Division holiday we are in the 3rd Division We went out this morning it rained almost all the way out and came in again at noon as it is a half holiday I met Ed. Wydold this morning at breakfast I did not know he was any where near. He sat down across the table from me it gave me a surprise. Bob Ray has gone up the line Ed is on the second draft. Len Wilson is still in England. It seems funny that we should get here before them as they left Camp Borden when we were home at harvest. They are going into the 60 Batt they are in the same Division as us I think. My birthday is passing off quietly as usual the only thing I miss is mothers table up here its anybody's table. I have only tasted pickle 3 times since I left Camp Borden isent that going some. You want to get a good supply on hand when I get home they will fly. There is 14 men in our tent at present so we have a very happy (little) home. Five of us from the 161. 2 men who have came out of the hospital, and 7 men from Nova Scotia so we are a happy bunch we have to be carefull what we say as they are R.C. They are nice fellows for all that. I suppose you are all well Granddad also he did not seem very strong when I was home last which is 2 months to morrow 10 of Dec. I'll bet Margaret is growing like a weed She will be walking soon I suppose that is if she is as smart as her mother was at her age. Well I must close now. Tell Lloyd I am going to try and send my old badges and some small French coins home to him if I can get them through the censor they might not let me send anything like that. By By

From Earl

Best Wishes to you All.

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