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Date: February 24th 1917

Somewhere in France
Sat Feb 24/17

Mrs. H. Johns
Ont Can.

Dear Mother :- Well Mother the mail just came in and brought 6 letters from Canada was darned glad to get them too I can tell you. I got one from Enos. quite a long one too. We had a good bath to-day first since 5th of Jan. I hope the little ones (lice)don't bother me for a little while. We are having a good time and lots to eat We make sure of that while we are out. Saw McFalls yesterday. he is out of the hospital again has not been paid for some time I gave him 5 Francs untill he gets paid as one cannot have a good time with out money Thank goodness I have plenty of it dont worry. I have 2 English pound besides some French money Tell Lloyd I have not sent anything to him yet. I'll try to soon. I got 4 pairs of socks washed by The woman of the house I left my towel to be washed to-day after my bath as I did not exchange it for another as its one you sent at Xmas time I gave Jackson a towel and cake of soap when I saw him he also got a piece of that dark cake They were mighty good. I saw some great stunts by a flying machine. The beggar could do anything with that machine came right down to the road skimmed the house tops and even went under the telephone wires he done everything but turn summersaults the people thought there was an attact on. It made the most awfull racket. It had any blower beat that I ever heard Am sending some cards along of some places that I have seen and been in

Well Bye Bye
With Love. From Earl

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