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Date: January 5th 1918
My Dear Friend
Jennie Matheson

Wpg Jan 5, 1918

My Dear friend

Just a few lines to tell you that I recieved your letter and the Photo of your dear brave soldier boy, I have looked at the Photo so often and say too myself, What a sacrifice of Youth and splendid manhood Your son looks every inch a man I do not wonder that the "Call" came, and he went to help in this awfull struggle for right You well may be proud to be the Mother of so handsome and noble son, "He as fought the good fight," and won many stars in His crown, and only a few short years at most, when you will meet your dear hero son in our "Heavenly Father home".

I am so glad that you have a little Grand-daughter how old is she, I just love her name. Margaret, it is so nice that Addie lives so near. for you will see her often. You must tell me all about your family, I have been away so long that cannot remember very much about them.

How is your health now and how is Harry's eyesight, do you ever think of taking a trip "West" we would be delighted to have a visit and show you our City, we are very nicely situated in a fourteen suite apartment block, our suite consists of a large sitting-room, diningroom, pantry Kitchen, bathroom & two bedrooms also front & back porches & hall, it is quite enough room for us. I look after the Home. Lilly is a dress maker . Lottie works in my brother office, This fills my life since my dear husband death and makes a home for my sisters.

I have a nice circle of Church friends, and have been doing "Red Cross" work from the begining of War, but with it all, I still miss oh so much the Love & companionship of my dear husband and so often just long for " The touch of the vanished hand and the voice that is forever stilled". I have pretty good health, am about the same size, but my hair as lots of silver through it, so I guess I would look quite changed to you..

I guess I would note lots of changes at Elimville & Exeter the Elimville Church would be so different, the children of the S.S. Infant Class are now the men and woman with children of their own, some with children in the Infant Class I guess.

So often I long to visit the resting place of my dear Father & Motherand put a few flowers on their graves, very dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood and they will allways live in memory.

We spent a pleasant holiday season, Xmas at my brother's and we entertained at New Years a party of twelve. You know we are all in Wpg excepting my sister that lives at Blyth.

We are having quite severe weather, the winters are long and very cold, one as to dress very warmly in this Country, but both children and grownups are strong and healthy .

We are only one block from the street car so we need not be in the cold for very long when the weather is very cold do not do much walking.

I hope you will write again for I fully understand how it relives the burdened heart to put our thoughts of paper. I am going to close with the motto that is on my calander for this week "Keep a brave spirit, and never despair, Hope brings you messages through the keen air. Good is victorious God is everywhere ." send love and New Years greeting to you all

Your friend
Jennie Matheson-

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