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Date: January 7th 1917

L.E. Johns
no. 654744
France Jan 7/17

Lloyd Johns
Ontario Canada

Dear Brother :- I got your letter last week with eight others and was very glad to hear from you although I had a job to read your writing especially the first parts of fact I have not got it yet. I think I will have to brush up on my French to read it. I hope this finds you all well as it leaves me feeling pretty good. I am parted from Jackson at present but hope to be with him before long. I am with Will Jeffery. him and I are the only Exeter boys in A. Co. The rest of them are in B. Co. Jackson and Rubus Wilkinson, Strang are still with the Entrenching Batt. the rest are in England yet. We were paid today. 50 francs ($10.) so they are all happy. the (biere and vin) will catch fits for a few days. Mother mentioned in her letter that if I had no money she would send some. tell her I have plenty. 50 francs to-day and 4 , left from the English pays. so I will not need any thanks all the same. I think if you figure that up it will come out to something like 155 franks and 10 I had left from last pay makes 165 fr. So you people nead not worry its me that must worry that I don't lose it. I have been to a picture show twice it's very good just 54. last night I saw 2 pictures that were showen at Camp Borden. they have done some traveling have they not. I see by your letter that the picture of the Battle of the Somme is to be shown at Exeter. I think it will be good and if its anything like what the boys who have been there say it is like it will be some picture I mean the boys who were at the Somme. I suppose you and Dad will have the most of our bush cut down by this time."at least if you are as smart as I used to be you will" By the way when you hear I am comming back please take the saw, hammer, nails and box off a corner in the granary for me to sleep in two blankets also. I will sit in a corner to eat my meals with a spoon and my clasp knife out of a mess tin I'll go down to the creek twice a week to wash. combe my hair once in a while clean my boots (never). brush my clothes with my clasp knife so get things ready as you now know my regular habits. Bill Jeffery and I were counting up how many places we have called home since we left home it was nearly twenty. I heard from some person that Huron and Bruce were raising another Battn. between them they will have some job I am afraid if they are as backward as they used to be. If they do join up they will think that they will not see active service I hope they think right as its a terrible afair for the French people and others

the weather over here is very different from Canada there is very little snow only once yet has there been any snow where we were so we will miss the winter the nights are very chilly as its a damp air so one feels it more.. It sometimes freezes but seldom I have not received any boxes yet I have heard of 3 from Canada. Its always nice to have one coming you know as it makes one take an interest in life. I cannot send any French coins through the Mail or I would send you some as I am keeping all the diferent kinds I can find. I have a Belgian 204 piece also a French 204 piece. 1 penny (2 kinds), 25 centimes 1 cent (2 kinds). Several French rifle shells. so If I don't lose them you will get them sometime. Did Edith get her handkerchief it was a nice one. It was a good one it cost 22 francs (504) Well I must close soon. My Address has changed so please inform any body that might be writing itis now. A. Co. 58. Battn B.E.F. France
Also my nomber and name.

Best Wishes

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