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Date: July 4th 1917

Wednesday, July 4, 1917

Mrs. H. Johns
Ont. Can.

Dear Mother:- Well I guess its about time to write you a few lines again. We are peacefully sitting in a nice hut most of the fellows are doing the same as I am. writing It seems to be the first thing they think about when we come out. Our Brigade put on a little show the other day and occupied a villiage after chasing the huns out they have some swell dugouts which we made good use of.

In the one that I stayed in there was 6 feather tricks 7 chairs another nice green plush covered one two tables. organ, boxes from home, big mirrors it's a regular home it was bomb-proof about 25or 30 ft deep. A person feels rather safe when he is down in one. But they prove to be death-traps for Fritz if we take a notion to roll a few bombs down. We tried it on one. the toy was no sooner down when up popped a Fritz yelling for mercy and as he was already wounded we let him come to us. He could beat any pig at squeeling that I ever saw when he saw he was safe he gave away everything he owned I have a few photos which I will try to send home later. My mail has not arrived yet but hope for some soon perhaps to-night. The weather is rather muddy here now. How did the 1st July pass off this year. I was not enjoying myself as much as I did last year

Fact is I got a bad scare just about dark. I was standing at the mouth of a dugout when a whizz-bang shell lit quite close to me I thought I was a gone chicken but all I got was a big dose of dirt and nothing worse. It did not take long to reach the bottom of the dugout. But a few hours on a soft lousy feather tick put me alright again. I hear that the concert was a success and I am glad it was. I have a nice leather belt I would like to send home to Lloyd. On the buckle is printed "Gott Mit Uns" it will make a good razor strop no doubt Lloyd will need one soon.

Well I must close now
With Love. From Earl

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