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Date: July 6th 1917

Friday July 6 1917

Lloyd Johns

Dear Brother :- Well Lloyd how is the world using you these days? good I hope I received my money alright to-night and also got it changed. 272 Franc's pretty fair ise'nt it I also got a box from home which I have not opened and one last night from Addie. It sure is very sad about Clare I was looking around for him this last month. It would be a shock for aunt. It was curious. only last night I got the letter from Mother giving me his adress and the next one I opened was from Laura James saying he was killed on May 23rd. It will make a sad home I know. for they just worshiped him. I have no doubt it was a stray shell that is if he was road building. for the Hun's have a fashion of shelling any new object the happen to see and a new road can be plainly seen from a balloon or aeroplane and its often much safer to keep away from any new thing which is under construction.

I packed a box to-day and sent it away to you with various things in it. Also a watch of Ed Kellets which you will give to his father its the silver one it needs fixing the other one is the watch I bought last winter and the glass is gone(Small heart shaped glass is also Ed's). The 161 badges are Elmer McFalls give them to Garnet the rest why they belong to me. I am also sending you a few pictures in a registered letter also a German Mark. There is a paper I think its a postal saving concern or some thing by which they bank their money My money come in real handy for sending the box home as it cost like sin and our pay is not large I could spend a months pay quite esily in one day. at home. The boys are all well as far as I know. Kellet is doing fine over here he has come under notice twice for his coolness under fire binding up wounded so don't be surprised if he gets something for it He is no coward as some people said he was before he left Canada I hope he makes good. This is all for this time From Earl

P.S. Write Soon.

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Original Scans