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Date: July 16th 1916
Earl Johns

Camp Borden

July 16th 1916

Mrs H Johns


Dear Mother :- I received your letter last night but did not read it untill this morning as I was in Barrie Saturday and did not get home untill 10 o clock. I wrote you a letter last Wed. or Thursday but I was afraid you did not get it I guess maby they passed each other on the road but in case you did not get it I will tell you that I think I can get home for Harvest for 30 days If you have written Major Heaman about all well and good If not write him at once. I am sorry to hear that Dad is not well and Addie also. I got a letter from her to-day the same time I got yours I got the cherries the hot weather had spoiled most of them It was too bad after taking the trouble to send them up. It has been terrible up here amongst the sand and dust. I was in a eating house in Barrie last It was 82 in there I do not know what it was in Camp We were down to the Bay it is part of Lake Simcoe Well Mother I hope to get home with in a week or two at least for 30 day's I'll make the grub fly and maby the work too I don't know. The 110 Batt arrived here last night another lot of men arrived in Hell on Earth. Well Here's Hoping. From Earl.

Send George over to Woods and tell them that Jackson can come too. He sent word home for them to write but maby its gone astray so make sure

Earl Johns

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Original Scans