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Date: July 29th 1917

Sunday July 29th/17

Mrs. N. Coultis
R. R. No 3
Exeter Ont,

Dear Sis :- Received your very welcome box just before dinner and it came in very handy. Ed. Kellet was just here and had some cake and cherries. The rain has been falling most of the day. It will be very bad for the boys in the trenches Most of the boys we inoculated to day but strange to say I was not, but will likely get it later, but I should worry. I suppose harvest will be in full swing by this time. It was about a year ago that we had our harvest leave. I am sure I would enjoy one this year. but that cannot be. I hope to be able to be there for the next one though. We have fine billetts at present time. Am in an old French Chateau it has been the property of some rich family at one time but is sadly neglected now. Its chalkstone and red bricks which is covered over with plaster. It has 3 floors besides an attic and cellar all full of bunk this building is large enough to hold a Battn. it also has a large courtyard surrounded by buildings and a high wall, two towers at gateway and a high iron gate quite a place don't you think. Did Lloyd get that box yet ( Don't think the censor did this I did ) Was at a picture show and concert last night it was very good quite as good as lots you see in Canada our band was there with the music. We have lots of good times at the expense of the Y.M.C,A. I don't know what us fellows would do without them. When ever we go to a new place the first thing we look for is a sign like this That is their mark. We did not have any church service yet today, as it rained before we started out. I believe there is one to-night. Well its nearly supper time so I must close now or I'll miss it. Hope this finds you all well as it leaves me feeling great.

From your Brother

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