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Date: June 9th 1917

Sat June 9/17

Mrs. H. Johns
Ont Canada

Dear Mother :- I do not remember what day I last wrote you so will chase off a few lines now while I have the time. Our main drawback when up the line is to get envelopes as its hard to carry them as they will stick. I received a letter last night from you written on 29 April. I got one a week ago which was dated 13 May so you see our mail is as bad a time coming to us as yours is getting to you The Boxes are coming along great I have put away 6 since the 13th of May of course before that they came seldom I am writing with that pencil that you sent By the way did you get that letter asking to please send some cash. You can get it in French Money right at the banks which is the best way to send it. Send it by registered letter. Jackson had about ($5) 25 Francs sent him a while ago it comes in very handy. We are out on a few days rest doing some drilling and also sports. Our team lost to the 116 Battn in base-ball last night the score was 3-2. We had a General present but that did not prevent gibs being flung. For in a base-ball game is one place where a private can get it back on the officers without being brought (up on the carpet.) for it.

I saw a few prisoners going back through to-day the result of some raid or other no doubt. They were a very sick looking bunch and also tired and dirty

The weather still holds out fine for which I am very thankfull. I saw a field of French Rye out in head to-day. Will Sims was wounded a few days ago but not bad as far as I can find out. I am feeling pretty good just now and hope you people are well also. I hope Grand dad is better by this time tell him I will be back soon I hope and I want him to be able to eat a good chicken dinner the first day. I had a letter from Ed. and Addie. Edith all in the same day. also Wes. Johns. so I get the news allright.

I see by the latest paper that the British have made a big drive around Ypres and have blown up Hill 60. Some noise I'll bet they put 1 000 000 pounds of ammonal ( a very high explosive) under it in different places I have seen holes blown by small quantities of it and they looked big to me. Just up set a barn as big as ours upside down and slant the sides in and then look down. Its only 30 or 40 feet deep and maby 100 ft across. good size isent it. Must close now. With Love from Earl.

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