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Date: June 11th 1916

Hillcrest Camp

June 11 1916

Dear Mother:- Well Mother I'am alive and kicking yet In spite of the wet weather its a holy terror. Our drill ground is always wet they say its condemed and that we will not stay here very long. as we can't dig trenches or anything like that.

-Well I'am feeling dandy I had a bad cold in my head last week but its got better again. I've been to Uncles for supper last night and for dinner to day I certainly had a fill up. I had to come home early this afternoon as I go on guard at 6 to-night untill 6 to-morrow night two hours on and 4 off. I got Edith letter and Addie's all right and am glad to hear you are all well. May is coming up Addie's this week so she says. They are going to Normans Wedding on Wed. they leave here on Tuesday night They left the key with me so I could go in when I want to. We had a short church service here this morning the 161, 142, 163. all to geather then we went to Carlings Heights for a review I suppose you read about the big show Friday it was some sight. Soldiers as far as you could see we went 72 miles so its said. We were away 22 hours We sweat like Bull dogs as they only took about 10 min. rest at Dundas St. I saw a few from Exeter that I know. I hear that J. Johns Jr. is going to run a big truck this summer I suppose as Medd is got the Exeter Creamery they will have more cream to haul. I suppose the men have not got the roots in yet on account of the rain. Uncle and Auntie were down to the Port yesterday and they say the farms look pretty tough the wheat is nearly all turned yellow from so much rain Well I did not get a pass last week so I guess I will not try again untill the 1st of July or the Saturday before There will be something doing if they dont issue more passes soon as some are going anyway I got a card from Martha Johns the other day she sent the Exeter Times to me so I answered her letter. I suppose Wilfred and Percy are still thinking hard about coming with us but I guess a little thinking will go a long way with them.

Well I must close now as its Suppertime Earl (turnover)

Write Soon

We get up at half past four from now on I guess. They got up at 5 this morning the day light saving has struck here too.

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