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Date: June 18th 1917

France June 18/17

Mrs. H. Johns.

Dear Mother :- Just a few lines to let you know I am well and hope this finds you people the same. We got out to-day stopping half way for breakfast which was at 3 A.M. Then another fellow and I got into a big mail bag and slept untill 6 o'clock. then we got our mail I only got 10 letters and 1 parcel. not too bad I read them all before we got out of bed. ( I had them brought to me) Of course we slept in the open. It sure was a great view tents and horses and also transports. and for a background there was a ruined village up on a high hill. We stayed there untill 2 P.M. then finished the march. It was very bad about Mrs. Chas. Monteith she was such a nice woman. And also about Mr. Hicks but you see he never believed in lightningrods for his barns. Ed Oke was wounded the other night but not very bad they say. It sure would be a good one on some of the fellows if they are drawn into the army by conscription after dodging it so long. I am glad that I did not wait for it. I hope Lloyd does not take up that trade he is thinking of as I know Dad neads him where he is. I know he will not find it as easy as it looks. Tell him to stick to the he is at untill I come home then let him try it if he must anyway he will be older then. I am going to try to look Clare up when I am out this time The Battn. he is with is not far from us. In fact it has been working near us ever since winter. of course he will have just come over. There is a fellow in our platoon who has a brother in it he and I are going to try to get a pass to the place they are staying and we will look them up. Jackson came up just now and said that he had received a letter from George to-night

Well I must close now. Earl

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