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Date: June 22nd 1916

Hillcrest Camp

Thursday June 22, 1916

Mrs H. Johns.


Dear Mother :- I received your letter yesterday and am glad to hear that you are all well. I am feeling great we had a good day of sports yesterday the 161 Batt carried off most of the prizes including a silver cup it wone 24 points the next was 22. I did not take part I could have but I did not take the notion. Sir Sam Hughes inspected us to-day we were lined up at 8:15 and kept on our feet untill 12:30 with out a rest but we did not work all the time. To-days paper says that London will lose most of the men soon I guess that it means Camp Borden for us if any go at all But It has not come out in orders yet I hope it dont happen before 1st July I did not put in for a weekend pass this week but was waiting for next so I hope we don't go before then. Sir Sam gave us a half holiday to-day we are having a pretty fair time yesterday and to-day two half holidays A week soon slips around down here the worst is going to bed so early at half past eight by your time We got to get in by nine by your time or they must know the reason the next morning I took my photos to Uncle Aldens (I dont like them as good as the ones I got in Exeter) I don't know how you will like them some are in the same shade as my others and some are finished in a brown colour. I forget the name of it. I am writing this letter at the Soldiers Club on Dundas street its a building for the Soldiers to eat Sleep read,write,play pool,bath,etc. I just got a hair cut before I came here The sun nips my face I can assure you. It's burnt it fresh again It reflects off the pavement unto your face. That was quite a smash last Sunday at the railroad crossing. I went down at 5 P.M. it was all cleaned up then I saw a piece of hand I think it was the finger joint they missed picking up and also some flesh and blood on the bolt heads that hold the rails to geather It must have been an awfull sight to see. Bob Passmore was right there when it happened he said it made him sick at the stomach to see it. The captain was almost cut to pieces they geathered the pieces up and covered them with a oil-cloth There was a crowd around in no time looking for pieces to keep Well I hope the strawberries are ripe next week and also the onions lettuce etc. I'll make them fly you may bet. Well its supper time now I must close as the paper has run short. Well I'll do my best to come home soon

From Earl.

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