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Date: March 6th 1917

Tues. March 6/17

Give Lloyd that silver piece if it gets that far

Mrs. N. Coultis
R. R. No 3
Exeter Ont.

Dear Sister :- Well Addie I hope this letter finds you all well It leaves me well. I just finished eating eggs and chips with a lot of 161 boys. Oke, Hooper, Kestle, McFalls, Kellet, Wilkinson, Woods, Strang, myself. Quite a little round table don't you think. Jackson and the rest of the 161 Boys from the Entrenching Battn have joined us. They are not in our Co. We are still in billets having a good time. But not for long. I guess. Who do you think I met the other day? I'll bet you could not guess nobody less than John Beere alive and kicking looking good. he has been back in France since the 1st Nov. He was wounded in June so he spent a good time in England. I think he is an Officers bat. man a pretty slick job let me tell you in the trenches. sleeps in the same dugout - eats there and all. The same day I met Bob Ray. He is in the same Battn as John. the 4 Battn. Bob is just the same as of old. I would hate to be the Hun he meets. Ed. Wygold came wandering along the same day. He is in the 60 Battn So there was a general reunion amongst the Exeter boys (Old and New) Say I got Mother's box last night everything kept great the pies soon disappeared all that is left is some gum and the wristlets. Am sending you some photos give mother one. They are Jeffrey. Harvey Hoover and myself. We have our new spring hats now. The feathers for them did come in time (ha ha) We are getting another bath to-morrow so they say. so the lice will die hard. We have our Battn colors on now between our shoulders black square below with a blue triangle above it. Quite fine dont you think? We also have colors for our shoulders lapells. Red for machine gunners. Blue for Rifle grenadiers. red for bayonet men and green for bombers. Mine is green . The platoons are all divided up in these 4 sections There is no choice between these sections one is as good as another. I took my eyebrow (Charlie Chaplin mustache)off as soon as I saw my picture. It was 2 months 3 days old I suppose my cousins eyebrows are quite fine by now.

Well I must close.


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